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New sheep parasite medication available this spring

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Barber pole worm
Barber pole worm photo: File

Alberta Lamb Producers is welcoming the imminent arrival of a medication to treat a parasite that infects sheep.

“Barber pole worm infection is a significant health issue in many Alberta flocks,” Alberta Lamb Producers (ALP) said in a release.

“The parasite can cause heavy mortality and production losses, due to anemia in infected sheep. As with many other internal parasites, the barber pole worm is showing increased resistance to existing deworming medications, making it difficult to control.”

The new Elanco medication Flukiver will be available to producers in late spring with a prescription from a veterinarian.

“The Canadian Sheep Federation has pushed for the development and approval of this product,” the release said. “Through checkoff support of ALP, Alberta producers have contributed to the work CSF has done for this advancement.”

In a separate release, Elanco said a small stock of Flukiver is currently available through Health Canada’s Emergency Drug Release program. Technical information can be obtained by contacting Nancy Perlich ([email protected] or 403-360-2658). For assistance with the emergency release process, contact Nicole Pinto ([email protected] or 1-519-341-7002).

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