North-Central Producers Win Environmental Award

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The Kidd Brothers of Mayerthorpe are the 2011 winners of the Alberta Beef Producers Environmental Stewardship Award (ESA) presented last month at the annual meeting in Calgary.

Brothers Bob and Larry Kidd work closely with their Uncle Ron Kidd, to run a mixed operation that focuses on cattle and crop production. The Kidd brothers have worked closely with groups like the West Central Forage Association, Cows and Fish, and were instrumental in the development of the Paddle River Stewardship Group. Through these groups, the brothers have hosted countless tours and demonstrations on their property spreading the message of environmental sustainability.

The family recognizes the importance of the environment but are first to admit the majority of their environmental practices were brought forth by production and profitability concerns.

“It doesn’t matter what I want to do with the environment if I can’t ‘financially survive’ ’til next year, but so often if you are doing those other things right, the environmental consideration is there,” said Bob. “It’s nice to be recognized for moving agriculture in a positive direction. The environment is constantly playing a larger role in the decision-making of the initiatives we take on,” said Larry.

“Bob and Larry have put a lot of effort into working with a number of environmental groups so others can benefit from their actions,” said Greg Bowie, ESA chair. “Protecting the river and the land and plant life around it is a very obvious priority to the brothers.”

The judging team, included three ABP environment committee delegates, a Cows and Fish riparian specialist, and a representative from last year’s award winners, the Waldron Grazing Co-op.

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