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Pound Maker ram sale draws large crowd

Top seller A Suffolk consigned by Bert and Andrelei Grisnich 
sold for $1,650 to Paul Preston of Hays

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Attendance was up and the bidding action was hot at the Fort MacLeod Auction market where the sixth annual Pound Maker Yearling Ram Sale was held on May 24.

Warren and Norine Moore, who operate Second Chance Livestock Company near Stavely, hold the event every year, with Andy and Frances Pittman, Bert and Andrelei Grisnich, Graham and Janice Rannie and Freda Horton consigning stock as well.

There were 185 people bidding on 106 head, which sold for an average of $866 each, up from last year’s average of $785 per head and 120 people in attendance.

Top-selling ram was a Suffolk consigned by Bert and Andrelei Grisnich, which sold for $1,650 to Paul Preston of Hays. Of the breeds sold, there were eight head of North Country Cheviot, which averaged $1,019 per head, up from $796 last year, 65 head of Suffolk, averaging $913, up from $858 last year, nine head of Dorset, averaging $827, up from $587 last year, seven head of Hampshire, averaging $818, up from $609, 15 head of Rambouillet at $648, down from $688 last year, and a new breed was added — two Coloured sheep, averaging $725.

Warren says a good time was had by all, especially at the feast following the sale.

“It’s become quite a social event for people too, which is nice. We had 120 lbs. of boneless leg of lamb, and we had one five-pound roast left. When all was said and done you couldn’t get enough potato salad or beans to serve a sparrow and the keg of beer was gone in an hour.”

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