Second coronavirus tests come back negative for pig-handling facility

Pork producers warned to treat assembly yards, abattoirs and truck washes as potentially contaminated

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Alberta Pork release – The Alberta pig-handling facility where swine delta coronavirus had been previously detected was retested on Nov. 3, with all tests coming back negative for both coronavirus and porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv). The facility had voluntarily suspended operations following the initial positive test, and has now resumed business.

Surveillance testing of high-risk sites is useful as an early warning system for the presence of disease, and the previous results are a reminder to everyone in the livestock industry to be vigilant about biosecurity at all times, particularly when transporting animals.

It’s important to note that surveillance sample results are not a guarantee that high pig-traffic sites are free from disease. Any one of these sites could become positive at any time, and producers should treat assembly yards, abattoirs, and truck washes as potentially contaminated and take the appropriate biosecurity precautions.

If any truck tries to enter your farm that has not been cleaned, don’t let it in. It poses a serious risk for bringing PED or the coronavirus onto your farm and into your barn.

Other biosecurity measures, such as cleaning and disinfecting load-out areas and requiring clean boots and clothing for all barn visitors, should also be strictly enforced.

If you have any questions or concerns about biosecurity, contact Javier Bahamon at Alberta Pork at 1-877-247-7675 or by email or speak to your herd veterinarian. Producers are also encouraged to complete the Alberta Pork Biosecurity Self-Assessment. It is available for download at Alberta Pork website. Call Javier Bahamon at the number above if you’d like to receive a copy by mail.

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