A highly destructive weed to be feared

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Knotweed has been spotted in recent years in Trochu, Sylvan Lake, Leduc, Parkland County, Grande Prairie, Calgary, and Waterton National Park. There has also been a report of visitors to B.C. returning with a clump of roots to transplant into their garden. This prohibited noxious weed is very destructive, and can grow through cracks in concrete, brick and asphalt. Houses have been deemed worthless after their foundations were penetrated by this plant.

Local authorities should be contacted if knotweed is discovered, as it grows vigorously through extensive rhizomes and can regenerate from small root pieces.

It can be recognized by its bamboo-like stem, a sheath at its nodes, and is often mottled with red/purple marks. It is also fast growing and quickly forms large colonies.

If you think you have spotted this plant, contact Nicole Kimmel by phone at 780-422-0885 or by email at [email protected], for assistance in obtaining help for proper disposal.

Contact your local fieldman by visiting the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen website. For more information on noxious weeds visit the Alberta Invasive Species Council website.

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