Agribusiness productivity improvement grants

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Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development‘s Workforce Productivity Improvement Grant assists employers in assessing the productivity of their operation and how to make improvements.

“The Workforce Productivity Improvement Grant provides financial assistance to agri-processing and agricultural production companies to assess and adopt new technologies and processes that improve worker productivity,” says Nicola Stevens, manager, Productivity Improvement Initiative with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

The grant reimburses 80 per cent of the cost to hire experts to identify and provide coaching to an agribusiness on lean manufacturing, technology and automation, or “lean and green” productivity improvements. Through the Workforce Productivity Assessments and Coaching Project, eligible companies can have a free assessment conducted by a qualified consultant in any of these three streams.

Employers must apply and receive approval before contracting a consultant in order to be considered for funding. The grant maximum is $25,000 per applicant.

For more information, call an Alberta Agriculture industry development officer or Nicola Stevens at 403-948-8511, or search for “productivity improvement initiative” on the AARD website.

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