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Avoiding ATV rollovers on the farm

You may use an ATV for fun or for profit. But more importantly you should always use them safely.

Rollovers happen alarmingly fast, so always wear a helmet, gloves, long sleeves, pants, and boots, even when only travelling a short distance. Inappropriate gear, such as loose clothing, can get caught on controls and doesn’t provide protection.

Next, check over the machine and ensure all brakes, lights and gauges are in good working order. If transporting farm supplies, make sure they are properly tied down. Every machine is subject to load limits which can be found in the owner’s manual.

Consider how weight is distributed and correct any inequalities. Maintain a speed which can be controlled at all times and look ahead for hazards. Overconfidence, high rates of speed, and steep slopes are the primary contributors to ATV rollovers.

When riding alone, tell someone else what routes you will be taking and when to expect your return. Plan to be home before dark and in case of bad weather, leave the ATV parked as both low light and reduced visibility increase the chance of a mishap. Adult-sized ATVs are not appropriate for children under 16. Anyone driving an ATV should receive training.

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