Beef Cattle Research Council launches new website

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The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) has announced the launch of, a website which features information on the industry’s research priorities and objectives, background information on research topics and technical fact sheets on project results.

The site also includes the BCRC Blog, where readers will find the latest research findings, learn how research connects to current events, and read commentary and information from researchers and other industry experts.

The BCRC says the website currently features research results from studies funded by the BCRC, but in future, fact sheets on any project related to beef or beef cattle will be posted, regardless of the funder.

“We encourage people to share their feedback with us and comment on the blog articles so that we know what kinds of information people are looking for,” BCRC chair Matt Bowman said in a release. “As time goes on and the website evolves, we’ll be able to deliver the types of information people want in the format they want it so they have the knowledge to do what’s best for their operation.”



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