Behlen and Sakundiak now Meridian

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Meridian Manufacturing and Winnipeg-based parent company WGI have announced that effective Jan. 1, all agricultural products manufactured by Behlen Industries, Sakundiak Equipment and Meridian Manufacturing will be branded Meridian.

“Our new product line will now include a full offering of SmoothWall hopper bins, bulk seed tenders, augers and conveyors, commercial and oilfield tanks, fuel tanks, aeration, galvanized hopper bottom bins, galvanized flat-bottom bins, grain rings, ArchWall and on-farm buildings,” Meridian marketing manager Sid Lockhart said in a release.

“This merger will expand our resources and experience, and will present all parties involved with greater team knowledge,” said Glenn Friesen, senior vice-president of Meridian Manufacturing.

Barley genome breakthrough may lead to better beer

london / reuters / An international consortium of scientists has published a high resolution draft of the barley genome in a move that could not only improve yields and disease resistance, but may also hold the key to better beer.

“This research will streamline efforts to improve barley production through breeding for improved varieties,” said Prof. Robbie Waugh, of Scotland’s James Hutton Institute, who led the research.

“This could be varieties better able to withstand pests and disease, deal with adverse environmental conditions, or even provide grain better suited for beer and brewing.”

Barley is the world’s fourth most important cereal crop, trailing only maize, rice and wheat. Its genome is almost twice the size of that of humans.

“It will accelerate research in barley, and its close relative, wheat,” Waugh said.

“Armed with this information, breeders and scientists will be much better placed to deal with the challenge of effectively addressing the food security agenda under the constraints of a rapidly changing environment.”



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