BRIEFS – for Nov. 7, 2011

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Japan to review OTM beef import rules

TOKYO/REUTERS Japan s Health and Welfare Ministry said on Nov. 1 it would ask the Food Safety Commission to review import rules currently imposed on U.S. and Canadian beef.

Japan currently only allows imports of U.S. and Canadian beef from cattle aged 20 months or younger. The rule, in place since 2005, has caused U.S. imports to plunge and Australian beef to gain market share in Japan s 500,000 tonnes-a-year imported beef market.

Media reported last month that Japan will relax the import rules as early as next year.

Rahr Malting adds barley storage

Rahr Malting at Alix will invest $6 million to increase storage from 400,000 bushels to 1.2 million bushels, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced last week, citing the decision as related to the end of the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly.

An Agriculture Canada release said the additional storage will allow Rahr to buy and store more malting barley from farmers, improving efficiency and quality control.



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