Chip Facts

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Potato varieties for chips have less water and more dry matter, and a lower sugar content. Reducing sugars is critical for producing lightcoloured chips, since sugar can cause chips to turn dark brown when cooking.

It takes about four kilograms of potatoes to make one kilogram of chips.

The Taber plant produces over 135 million bags of potato chips each year.

Frito Lay Canada uses 100 per cent sunflower oil in its potato chips which contain zero trans fat and is lower in saturated fat.

The Taber plant manufactures Lay’s, Ruffles, Miss Vickie’s and Hickory Sticks products for Western Canada. Products made in Taber are delivered by the Frito Lay Canada fleet as far east as Thunder Bay, Ontario and as far west as Vancouver Island. The Taber facility also produces Miss Vickie’s products which are exported to the United States.

For corn chips, Frito Lay uses a combination of yellow and white hard dent corn imported from the U.S. The Lethbridge facility produces about 85 million bags of tortilla chips and corn snacks each year.



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