Is there a gardener on your Christmas shopping list?

The provincial Ag Department has handbooks on gardening, growing native plants, saskatoons, and weeds

Is there a gardener on your Christmas shopping list?
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Here are some Alberta Agriculture and Forestry publications for the gardener on your shopping list.

  • Alberta Yards and Gardens ($15 plus GST) — an unbiased look at what grows best in Alberta, including ornamental trees and shrubs, small fruits and berries, flowers, vegetables, herbs and even water plants.
  • Weed Seedling Guide ($10 plus GST) — features information on 62 broad-leaved weeds and 10 grasses. The weeds are organized by cotyledon (seed-leaf) shape to make identification easier, and the book has seed-leaf shape drawings and full-colour weed seedling images, a table of commonly confused weeds and a glossary of terms.
  • Saskatoon Berry Production Manual ($15 plus GST) — topics include propagation, cultivars, orchard establishment, pruning techniques, and post-harvest management.
  • Pruning in Alberta ($3 plus GST) — shows how to control and maintain trees and shrubs without distorting their natural form and beauty.
  • Growing Native Plants of Western Canada: Common Grasses and Wildflowers ($30 plus GST) — examines 48 species of native plants that have shown promise for ecological repair as well as collecting, growing and commercially producing native plants.
  • Weeds of the Prairies ($25 plus GST) — full-colour photos and illustrations detailing 112 weeds, which are colour coded by flower colour for easy reference. Also charts on life cycle and habitat, and maps show how widespread particular weeds are.

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