Cows and Fish shares the silver screen at Lethbridge premiere

BUILDING BRIDGES Since 1992, Cows and Fish has worked 
to promote riparian health for the benefit of everyone

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At first blush, cows and fish may not seem to share a lot of common ground, but a special film premiere this Friday (Mar. 28) will be about building bridges between the two.

Cows and Fish is the common name for the Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society, a non-profit, grassroots society established in 1992 to promote the improvement of riparian areas. Its mandate is to foster a better understanding of how improvements in grazing and other management tools can enhance landscape health for all stakeholders, including agricultural producers and the general public.

Cows and Fish will be unveiling its REAL Beef Digital Stories in Lethbridge Friday as a short film premiere and reception to build connections between producers and consumers. The stories are a series of stories created by producers and consumers sharing personal stories of stewardship.

Norine Ambrose, executive director for Cows and Fish, says the organization has always tried to tell producers’ stories, but it wasn’t until relatively recently that they thought of a new and innovative way to do it.

“We recognized about five or six years ago that we really wanted to try to get that out from a more personal perspective, to get the actual people telling their own story,” she said.

Ambrose says while land stewardship has always been important to landowners and agricultural producers, its importance has really emerged in the public consciousness of Alberta, and because of that, it’s important that landowners are able to effectively share their stewardship stories.

Between six and eight stories will be shown, and there will be an opportunity for dialogue, comment and networking after the screening. Some of the topics may include how consumers can buy locally to support sustainable agriculture by choosing growers to buy from.

“That’s one example, and we may talk about bigger-picture issues like how we encourage government programs and policies that support stewardship and acknowledge its importance,” said Ambrose.

Tickets for the premiere are free, but must be booked in advance and the event was already close to capacity more than a week ago.

However, there may be additional screenings in the future, and at other locations throughout the province. Cows and Fish is also looking to partner with potential venues or other organizations to host additional screenings.

Anyone interested in seeing or hosting REAL Beef Digital Stories should contact Ambrose at 403-381-5538 or by email at [email protected] Additionally, some previously produced stories can be viewed online at

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