Crop Commissions fund pulse, canola research

One of the pulse research projects will look at yield loss in peas caused by root rot.
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Pulse and canola research is getting a boost from Alberta. Alberta Pulse Growers is putting $2.4 million into Pulse Science Cluster projects, a collaborative effort of the three Prairie commissions, their Ontario counterpart, and Pulse Canada.

Among the projects are disease resistance in early-maturing bean lines for Alberta; genetically improved field pea varieties and germplasm; and mitigating yield loss caused by root rots of peas.

Meanwhile, Alberta Canola is putting $1.5 million into the new $20-million Canola Agri-Science Cluster. That initiative aims to find ways to reduce input costs and risk from pests and pathogens; reduce reliance on pesticides; and boost demand by “enhancing canola’s attributes for non-traditional uses.”

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