Eugene Janzen wins outstanding beef researcher award

Dr. Eugene Janzen has made a big contribution in a host of areas affecting cattle health and welfare.
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Dr. Eugene Janzen is the winner of the 2018 Canadian Beef Industry Award for Outstanding Research and Innovation.

The University of Calgary College of Veterinary Medicine professor has contributed to a number of cattle health and welfare issues. These include diseases and pathology of feedlot cattle and cow-calf operations, Johne’s disease, bovine viral diarrhea, lameness, herd health and treatment protocols, epidemiology, antimicrobial use and resistance, sexually transmitted diseases, health effects of feedlot feeding programs, remote necropsy, pain management and disease surveillance and diagnostics. His most recent research interests include effective pain control, toe-tip necrosis syndrome in feedlot animals, and livestock welfare during transport.

“There are few people with a broader or more prolonged impact on the beef industry than Dr. Eugene Janzen,” said Ryan Beierbach, chair of the Beef Cattle Research Council.

Janzen’s research underpins many of today’s feedlot health protocols, including the role of vaccines, antimicrobials, and biosecurity measures. For example, he was one of the first to characterize histophilosis in Western Canada and was the early driver of many of the prevention and control measures in use.

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