Exploring For Oil In Pork Pies

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Major British independent oil firm Greenergy sees its future as an exploration company, but one that hunts for fuel in piles of stale pork pies and other ever more challenging waste products after abandoning, at least for now, the widely criticized use of virgin vegetable oils.

We are investing more and more so we can take harder and harder wastes to process. By late spring or early summer next year we will be able to take almost any liquid you can imagine, Greenergy founder and chairman Andrew Owens said in an interview.

Greenergy s biodiesel plant in eastern England was built to use vegetable oils but in the last couple of years the company has built units to pre-treat and post-treat production to allow use of waste such as used cooking oil.

We get pork pies, crisps, cakes, dairy products that are not suitable for sale anymore because they have got too old or been damaged in the factory and we can extract fats and oils to make biodiesel, Owens said.

The move to waste was prompted partly by high vegetable oil prices, which made it hard to process them into biodiesel profitably.

We are focused on trying to broaden the feedstock base. We are becoming an exploration company but we are not exploring oil fields, we are exploring pies.

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