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The Mane Event is the largest equine expo in Canada, and it s happening October 21-23, in Chilliwack, BC. It s a rare opportunity for equine enthusiasts to find so many equestrian-specific vendors assembled in one place, at one time, showcasing everything from art to equipment.

People make a journey of attending The Mane Event, says Gail Barker, who founded the event with her daughter Nicole. We ve met people at The Mane Event from all over & the Maritimes, the Yukon, Alaska, New York, Tennessee & even Iceland and Sweden. It s remarkable how this event appeals to such a multitude of people.

A huge part of the draw is the diversity and quality of equestrian products that are featured. At this year s show in Chilliwack, you ll find products like manure mulching vacuums (a creative yet simple concept offered by Greystone America), Canadian-made slow feeder systems (check out the N.A.G. Bags article on page B7), and custom-sandblasted equestrian-designed glassware, (by The Hour Glass Studio) will be showcased. The Mane Event is also where you ll find a comprehensive offering of equine health supplements and products. Breed and riding associations, schools and equine education, equestrian vacations and care and keeping services also contribute their expertise to the event.

We say The Mane Event is equine education and shopping at its best. It s the only show out there that s going to give you all the information you need to better yourself and your horse, not breed specific, not discipline specific, but really something for everyone, says Gail.

This is where all breeds and disciplines converge. Whether you re into dressage, reining, barrel racing, western pleasure, jumping, driving or trail riding, this is where everybody who owns a horse gets along. We call it a horse expo, same as a home expo, with a really solid education part in there too.

The Mane Event, (also in Red Deer, AB in April) features some 160 vendors showcasing wares and services covering some 80,000 sq. ft. An equal draw is the educational clinics that happen throughout the three days of the event, October 21-23. World class equestrian trainers and clinicians assemble at The Mane Event to share their expertise and experience with attendees and participants.

One of the fast favourites of The Mane Event is The Trainer s Challenge a unique opportunity to watch seasoned trainers working with green colts, says Gail.

Thirty per cent of the judges marks in The Trainer s Challenge come from the trainer s ability to clearly educate the viewing audience on their training techniques, which really makes this part of the event a valuable addition to the education component of The Mane Event.

For more information on The Mane Event, for links to all the vendors and for a listing of the attending clinicians, including the trainers in the Trainer s Challenge, visit .


We ve met people at The Mane Event from all over & the Maritimes, the Yukon, Alaska, New York, Tennessee & even Iceland and Sweden.


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