Fixing the system will take more than blame

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I would suggest the federal government could save about $3 million just by reading Laura Rance’s article in the April 14 edition of Alberta Farmer (‘Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act — much ado about not much’).

I would further suggest that one sentence of that article should be highlighted for members of this government to consider — “finding someone to blame and punish isn’t the same as finding a solution!”

This government is great at finding blame and punishing, but totally absent on finding solutions. The hardest part about finding a solution to the grain transportation problem would probably be admitting that mistakes have been made because this government “just knows” and the answer to everything is privatization.

There is no question that “the market,” when it works properly, is the best vehicle for progress. But the market also consists of companies like Enron, Nortel, Lehman Brothers, and many others of a similar ilk, as well as individuals like Earl Jones and Bernie Madoff. This knowledge, you’d think, would encourage a consideration of other modes of doing business. But I can’t see that kind of innovative thinking by the present group because, in their opinion, they make no mistakes and other ideas are not worth consideration, an example being the proposed (Un)Fair Elections Act.

There will be a federal election in a little over a year and I hope folks will remember when they vote.

Horst Schreiber
Grain farmer
Ohaton, Alta.

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