FNA Awaits Approval Process For Generics

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Farmers of North America (FNA) says it’s waiting on federal passage of a new regulatory process for generics.

“By aggressively working with crop protection partners, four technical active ingredients have been registered with Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) with a half-dozen others in the pipeline,” the group said Jan. 6.

“We have four technicals and are somewhat delayed in the machinery of government in getting final end-product approvals, but expect to have them by spring,” spokesman Darren Palendat said.

The “machinery” in question is a new generic regulatory process, Protection of Proprietary Interests in Pesticide Data (PPIP), which is “yet to be passed into regulation,” FNA said.

A “high priority” for FNA member farmers is a wild oat and wild millet product for cereals, the group said.

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