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The Western Lifestyle Marketplace, the Canadian Supreme s celebrated trade show, is where you ll find everything & everything & to outfit your western lifestyle.

This is the 35th edition of the Western Lifestyle Marketplace, says Darren Baumgardner, Canadian Supreme Committee member, And this year we re bringing together over 100 exhibitors covering over 67,000 square feet of shopping space.

There are few opportunities for this kind of broad-spectrum, equestrian-specific shopping experiences in Canada, and it s concentrated in three days Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 29-Oct 1, the final three days of the Canadian Supreme. The marketplace features retailers and artisans, with a host of products and services for your home, horse and acreage or farm.

Part of the Marketplace s square footage will be devoted to one of the biggest trailer dealers in Canada, says Darren. Literally, if it has a western or equestrian bent, you ll find it at the Western Lifestyle Marketplace. Think feeder bunks and stalls, handcrafted jewellery and riding apparel, western flavoured lighting and hand-forged cutlery. And everything in between and beyond.

Just one of the many exhibitors at the Western Lifestyle Marketplace is artist Shannon Lawlor. She created Supreme Promise , the 2011 Canadian Supreme program cover an acrylic painting of a mare nuzzling her foal. I wanted to embrace the back story of the Canadian Supreme, says Shannon. Beyond the disciplines of the competition is a whole breeding specialty, and the daily discipline of raising and training the horses that ultimately make it to events like the Canadian Supreme. My goal was to raise awareness and celebrate all the behind-the-scenes hard work and dreams that go into bringing a young horse to a level of competency in competition.

Another artisan showcasing his wares at the Western Lifestyle Marketplace is Vic Bennett, who has been making saddles in Alberta for 45 years. We ve been exhibiting and selling at the Canadian Supreme almost since the outset, says Vic. I think we re one of the longest continual presenters.

The Canadian Supreme is such a premier, first-class show in the western disciplines. It s one of the few places where you get the elite performers in the cowboy world in one spot. Many of our customers are there, the trainers are there, and we appreciate the Supreme for providing the face-to-face meeting space at a really special event.

Although most of Vic s business is custom orders, the Western Lifestyle Marketplace is one of the very few times a year when customers can nab the opportunity to buy a Vic off the shelf.

Usually people phone us ahead of time to pre-purchase the saddles we build for the Supreme s sale, but we keep them as first come, first served, says Vic.

Vic was recently awarded the honour of creating the Calgary Stampede Centennial saddle, helping the Stampede folks celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede in 2012. Vic, together with his long-time colleagues, Don Gray and Wayne Chausse, will produce some 100 Centennial saddles in the next year, one of which will be on display at the Western Lifestyle Marketplace.

The Western Lifestyle Marketplace is a great shopping experience, says Darren, adding, And a great place to pick up things for Christmas. From tack to tractors, tourism outfitters to boot retailers, everything you need for the acreage, farm or western lifestyle will be on display.

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