Grain rescue equipment to be given to fire departments

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association offers grain rescue training for rural fire departments. Those that have taken the training can receive a grain rescue tube and grain auger.
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Rural fire departments that have taken BeGrainSafe training from the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association are eligible to receive life-saving grain rescue equipment.

Thanks to support from Corteva Agriscience Canada, rural fire departments can receive a GSI RES-Q-TUBE and a Haul-ALL pencil auger. The grain rescue tube creates a barrier between the victim and the grain while the auger helps rescuers quickly move the grain away.

“Having a grain rescue tube and a portable auger available to fire departments trained in grain extrication greatly increases the probability of a victim surviving a grain entrapment,” said Robert Gobeil, the association’s agricultural health and safety specialist.

Corteva is also one of the supporters of the BeGrainSafe program, which includes a mobile demonstration unit, educational resources, and firefighter training on grain entrapment rescue.

“Handling grain is an everyday occurrence in the agriculture industry, meaning unexpected grain incidents can happen at any moment,” said Corteva spokesperson Kris Allen.

For more information about BeGrainSafe, including firefighter training, go to and click on the Programs tab.

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