Greenhouse Gases And Animal Agriculture Conference In Banff – for Sep. 13, 2010

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Few science issues have attracted as much interest and debate as greenhouse gases, and animal agriculture is directly involved. Now Canada will host a showcase of some of the top science, people and progress in this area from around the globe.

The fourth International Conference on Greenhouse Gases and Animal Agriculture will take place Oct. 3 to 8 in Banff.

“Progress on greenhouse gas mitigation is critical for sustainable animal agriculture worldwide,” says Dr. Sean McGinn, conference chair. “This conference is an opportunity for the leading scientists in this area globally to present the latest advances and knowledge, to provide information that industry and governments need to achieve practical and cost-effective solutions.”

While the conference participants are drawn primarily from the scientific community, the information presented has strong relevance for producers, industry and policy developers involved with animal agriculture. For example, along with technical workshops and sessions, the conference will include discussion of specific livestock production strategies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, as well as ideas related to industry benchmarks and mitigation targets.

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