Help for managing risk in cattle operations

Modules will range from financial literacy and market cycles to currency and market dynamics

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Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association has partnered with Lethbridge College to develop a business-risk management curriculum.

The programming, available in class, online or in a blended format, will start in fall 2015 as part of the Cor Van Raay Agribusiness Program.

“Developing this important curriculum with ACFA and other producer groups will ensure that we are developing what is needed, not only for current students, but for producers and other industry members who, as they grow and succeed, will need to also manage risk within their businesses,” said Stuart Cullum, a vice-president academic of Lethbridge College

The need for business risk management programming was identified during a review of agricultural programming. The cattle feeders’ association had also identified increased management skills as critical as family farms become larger business entities.

“As cattle prices have increased, industry needs to manage its increased exposure to market volatility,” said John Lawton, a member of the association’s board.

“The business risk management programming will provide skills for industry participants currently trying to manage their equity as well as prepare students with a skill set that is in demand in the cattle industry as well as other livestock and grain industries.”

The programming will focus on areas such as financial literacy, communications, currency, market tools, cycles, risk and opportunity policies, self-management and awareness, government policy and marketing, and equity in the market. It will include an individual case study.

In addition to the flexible delivery modes, students will be able to customize the way they access the learning experiences. Some will access all of them, some will bundle them into courses and some will access one or two to acquire a specific skill set. Instruction will be provided by both college and university faculty as well as from industry.

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