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Important CWB election dates

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Oct. 29: Voters’ packages, including ballot, to be mailed to each eligible voter.

Nov. 14, 5:00 p. m. CT: Deadline for the CWB election co-ordinator to receive “Application To Vote” from farmers who didn’t automatically receive a ballot. Only farmers with CWB permit books that delivered grain to the CWB this or last crop year in even numbered districts will automatically get ballots. Farmers with permit books who deliver during that period or farmer without permit books, but grew one of the seven major grains are eligible to vote by must apply to get a ballot. Call 1-877-500-0795.

Nov. 28, 12:00 midnight: Official election period ends. Postmark deadline for completed ballots.

Dec. 6 7: Ballots tabulated and results announced pending the need for manual recount.

Dec. 8: Provision for manual recount if necessary.

Dec. 31: Elected directors take office.



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