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Besides a new look, this issue introduces Yield Alberta, a new joint venture of Agricultural Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) and Alberta Farmer.

We hope the information in Yield Alberta will be a valuable addition to your variety-selection toolbox. It’s based on actual yields in each of AFSC’s 22 risk areas, as reported by farmers participating in the Canada-Alberta annual crop insurance program.

You should find a copy in this issue. You can also find a copy online at’s in convenient “flip book” format, searchable by variety or any keyword of your choice.

Welcome to our new look

As in any other business, we at Alberta Farmer like to invest in improvements, which you’ll see in this issue. We’ve spruced up the look and feel of the publication, introducing some new elements and features to improve its appearance and readability. We hope you’ll like them.

It’s been more than two years since we decided to see if Alberta farmers, ranchers and advertisers would support a provincial newspaper specifically for this

province. The investment has paid off, so that’s been a signal for us to continue making more investments into Alberta Farmer to make it even more welcome in your home our business.

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