Keep your Premises Identification account up to date

Premises ID has proved its worth since being created 11 years ago

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The province is urging smaller operations with livestock (such as hobby farms and acreages) to register for the Premises Identification (PID) System and for all operations to keep their account information current.

Since it was started 11 years ago, more than 45,500 premises have been registered with the system, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry said in a news release.

“Alberta has led the way in the development of an online PID system, which has now been licensed to, and adopted by, Saskatchewan and British Columbia,” it said.

It allows agencies responding to an emergency to quickly determine where livestock are located and to contact the owner or person managing the operation.

“However, this can only be accomplished if the land locations/premises with livestock and poultry are registered into the PID System, and the information in your PID account is accurate and up to date,” the ministry said.

The system is typically used during an animal disease outbreak, food safety concern, or natural disaster. It’s been used during the fire in Fort McMurray in 2016, for incidents of equine infectious anemia in 2018 and 2019, and when porcine epidemic diarrhea was discovered in the province this year.

All livestock owners need a PID number. Under provincial law, PID account numbers are required for purchasing livestock medication, animal movement documents (such as transportation manifests or permits) and selling livestock at auction markets.

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