Layering on digital data

Olds College Smart Farm has received a $300,000 donation from BASF Digital Farming for HyperLayer data concept. 

This process collects and analyzes several layers of data from across the Smart Farm’s 2,800 acres. 

“It centres around compiling topographical data, detailed soil nutrient and moisture mapping, multi-spectral and hyper-spectral imagery, yield data, and other layers of information to assist in machine learning for easy analysis, data extraction, and building next-generation analytical algorithms,” the college’s website states. 

The data is gathered via satellite imagery, drones, gamma ray sensors and soil sensors. The initiative will give access to the data to Xarvio (a BASF digital platform) “development and testing of algorithms specific to Western Canada growing conditions.” 

“The algorithms will provide significant insight into crop nutrition and weed and disease control on a spatial basis and support growers in producing better crops,” the college said in a release. 

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