Letters to the editor – for Dec. 15, 2008

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Companies will be only choice, not CWB

Over the past two years, I have witnessed with great dismay the unlawful lobby by the present federal government and their unseemly tactics to destroy the Canadian Wheat Board. The government’s tactics include:

1. Firing Adrian Measner without cause.

2. Imposing a gag order on the CWB before the last bizarre and biased referendum on barley marketing.

3. Replacing competent CWB Directors with appointed directors whose only objective appears to be the dismantling of our farmer-controlled agency that markets Canadian grain and upholds our high-quality grain standards.

The CWB is a pooled marketing agency for farmers/ farm families. It was created as a result of farmers’ efforts. Its role is to support farmers in a global environment that is overwhelmingly controlled by corporate interest. I am often amazed at the number of farmers who mistakenly view their own marketing agency as the enemy, and the shareholder driven companies (ADM, Cargill, etc…) as their allies.

If the CWB is dismantled, our only marketing “choice” will be to sell to one of several companies whose allegiance is to their own bottom line, not to farmers. They are concerned with making a large profit margin for their shareholders, not with providing a fair price at the farm gate for farmers and their families.

When I do the math, our farm is further ahead financially because of the CWB. I have a strong desire to protect our marketing agency.

Lori Erhardt Big Dog Seeds Inc.

Oxbow, Saskatchewan



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