Make sure your farm implement dealer is licensed

Farmers’ Advocate office can verify if 
company has a current licence

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Alberta’s Farmers’ Advocate Office advises farmers to protect themselves by ensuring that their farm implement dealer of choice is licensed.

The Alberta Farm Implement Act/Farm Implement Dealerships Act and Regulations are administered by the Farm Implement Act Administration of the Farmers’ Advocate Office of Alberta. Under this act, anyone carrying on a business as a farm implement dealer or distributor within Alberta must hold a dealer’s and/or distributor’s licence.

The licences are issued annually, and dealers/distributors must pay a licence fee to the Alberta Minister of Finance and an annual levy to the Farm Implement Compensation Fund. Licence fees are set under the Farm Implement Act Regulations. The levy is set annually by the Farm Implement Board. The board determines the levy amount based on the number of claims paid out of the compensation fund during the previous year.

This legislation provides protection to farmers when purchasing new equipment. Farmers may verify if a company is licensed to carry on a business as a farm implement dealer and/or distributor by contacting the Farmers’ Advocate Office at 310-FARM (3276), or by asking to see the dealer’s current licence. All dealers and distributors are asked to have their current licence visible in their place of business. January 1, 2014 was the deadline to have their new licence for the 2014 year.

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