Monsanto To Rebrand Seed Trait Business

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Monsanto Canada plans to tie all its seed trait technologies to a single, overarching new brand starting in 2010. The new international brand, Genuity, was rolled out by the Winnipeg-based firm’s U. S. parent late last month at the Commodity Classic, a major ag trade show in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, though it didn’t specify a Canadian launch date at that time.

Monsanto Canada describes the new Genuity brand as “a family of traits designed to work together to enhance crop potential and simplify trait selection for farmers.”

The Genuity logo will incorporate some or all of a series of “identity system icons” on different seed products, to represent “herbicide tolerance, insect protection, weather protection and increased production.”

In Canada, the company said, the first traits under the Genuity banner will be Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans and Genuity Roundup Ready canola. Following regulatory approval, Genuity SmartStax corn will also be added, the company said.

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