Nebraska Cattle Herd Found With Bovine TB

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ANebraska beef cattle herd has been quarantined after testing positive for bovine tuberculosis, a disease that can be transmitted to humans via uncooked beef, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture said June 1.

The disease was suspected about three weeks earlier when meat inspectors at a slaughterhouse discovered an infected animal. Test results just recently confirmed their findings.

No beef from that animal or any others from the herd entered the food supply, said Christin Kamm, spokeswoman for the state’s department of agriculture.

It is the state’s first case of bovine tuberculosis since the “early 1990s,” Kamm said.

“The testing of these animals will take a significant amount of time,” Dr. Dennis Hughes, Nebraska state veterinarian, said in a statement.

“We will be working to determine the source of the infection, and the extent of the spread of the disease. Neighbor ing premi ses are being contacted to determine if the disease has spread beyond the original premise,” he said.



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