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New Clearfield varieties launched

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BASF is launching several new varieties for its Clearfield production system for 2013.

Joining Clearfield canola’s existing high-performance lineup are Nexera Canola Hybrid 2012 CL, Nexera Canola Hybrid 2016 CL, Brett Young 5525 CL, BrettYoung 5535 CL, Pioneer 46H75 and Viterra VR 9560 CL. As with all Clearfield canola varieties, these new varieties are non-genetically modified because they are bred through traditional methods.

“These new higher yielding varieties, coupled with the launch of Ares herbicide, have advanced Clearfield canola growers’ ability to maximize the potential of every acre,” says Harley House, brand manager for Clearfield Crops, BASF Canada in a release.

In addition to improving yields, BASF says the varieties off improved harvestability and reduced lodging. Ares offers control of broadleaf and grassy weeds, including lambs quarters, wild buckwheat and cleavers.



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