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New hotline for reporting rats

Province says even calls left after hours 
or on weekends will 
be responded to 
within 24 hours

Rat peeking out of hole in a tree
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Albertans now have a new way to report rat sightings.

“Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development has a new easily remembered phone number, 310-RATS (7287), for all Albertans to report possible rat sightings,” said rat inspector Bruce Hamblin. “It’s not a replacement for the current system of reporting rats, but it is an addition to it.”

Currently, municipalities are responsible for rat control in their jurisdictions, and have phone numbers available to contact bylaw officers, agriculture field men, or pest control companies. “310-RATS is an extension to this network for someone who thinks they saw a rat and isn’t sure who to call,” said Hamblin.

Calls to 310-RATS will be answered immediately during normal business hours. Messages left after hours or on weekends will be responded to as quickly as possible, within 24 hours at the most.

The new number is in response to some of the time delays people were getting when trying to report possible sightings said Hamblin.

“We talked to people who couldn’t find an easy number to call,” he said. “Sometimes calls were going to fish and wildlife officers and some of the other agencies before finally being directed to AARD, which is the agency for rat control. The new 310-RATS phone line is just a more efficient tool to help ensure Alberta remains rat free.”

More information on Alberta’s rat control program is available at

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