New Wheat Registrations From Nufarm And MANA

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Nufarm has launched a new line of wild oat and broadleaf herbicide combinations for use in spring wheat and durum.

Using the Group 1 active ingredient clodinafop – which is from the “fop” group of ag chemicals and is also an active ingredient in products such as DuPont’s Harmony and Syngenta’s Horizon – Nufarm has rolled out a line of products including Signal, Signal D and Signal M.

Signal contains the fop ingredient, while Signal M is a co-pack of clodinafop with its group 4 MCPA product Mextrol, for grass, wild buckwheat and broadleaf control, the company said.

Signal D, meanwhile, includes Signal’s Group 1 fop co-packaged with Nufarm’s Group 6 bromoxynil product Approve, for “broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf control and also provides proven control of kochia.”

Signal M and Signal D are available in both 20-acre cases and 400-acre bulk packs, while Signal is available in a 40-acre case, the company said in a recent release.

Makhteshim Agan of North America (MANA), has announced the registration of Bison 400L. MANA says this is the first time that the active ingredient tralkoxydim has been introduced into the Canadian market since Liquid Achieve. Bison is registered for use in wheat (spring, winter and durum), barley and rye. It controls of Persian darnel, wild oats and foxtail.

Bison is available in a 40-acre case that contains an 8-litre jug of Bison and an 8-litre jug of Addit adjuvant.

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