News Briefs – for Jun. 20, 2011

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AgLine is now John Deere Financial

AgLine, John Deere’s financial services arm, has adopted the name of its parent company and will now be known as John Deere Financial.

Deere says current multi-use account customers have the same account number and benefits, and John Deere equipment dealers and agribusiness retailers also have the same account information, processing procedures and service contacts.

Lakeland gets feed research funds

Lakeland College has received a $125,918 grant from a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) to begin residual feed intake (RFI) research by purchasing equipment to work with cattle and sheep.

Residual feed intake (RFI) monitoring equipment is designed to measure the exact quantity of feed an animal is consuming. The technology identifies animals that grow quickly, eat the least feed, and when combined with DNA testing, can help determine which animals will produce the best-grading carcass. The data enables genetic selection for animals that perform consistently and efficiently.

New insecticide for soy, potato pests

A liquid insecticide combining two active pest controls has picked up registration for use by soybean, potato, tomato and cabbage growers across the country. Bayer CropScience has announced federal approval for its foliar insecticide Concept, a combination of imidacloprid and deltamethrin, in all provinces and territories.

Deltamethrin, a Group 3A insecticide, is the active ingredient in Bayer’s Decis, while imidacloprid (Group 4A) is the active in Bayer’s Admire and other products such as Cheminova’s Grapple and UAP’s Alias.

The product provides “quick knockdown and residual protection” against soybean aphid and Japanese beetle and suppresses bean leaf beetle in soybean crops, Greg Good, Bayer’s portfolio manager for row crops, said in a release.

In potatoes, the product is registered to control Colorado potato beetle, aphids, leafhopper, potato flea beetle and tarnished plant bug, and to suppress European corn borer.



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