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Online tools for reducing worker turnover

Calculator estimates costs of replacing employees while benchmarking tool allows for comparisons by sector or province

Online tools for reducing worker turnover
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Did you know that the cost of replacing a single worker can be as much as 150 per cent of their annual salary? Do you know what your turnover costs are?

‘Turnover’ is the rate at which workers leave and are replaced on your farm, something that can have a major impact on productivity and profitability. While turnover is a natural part of business, avoiding unnecessary turnover will ensure that your business is as productive and profitable as possible.

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council has developed two new tools to calculate turnover costs and see how your turnover compares to the agricultural benchmarks for your province and commodity.

The first tool is the Cost of Turnover Calculator, which calculates estimated costs for employee wages and benefits, separation costs, hiring and training costs, and cost of employee ramp-up time. The second tool is the Turnover Benchmarking Tool for comparing your numbers against other farms in your province or commodity. High rates of voluntary turnover may indicate that you need to change the way you hire or manage your workforce.

Both can be found at (click on the Tools link at the top of the home page). The website also has agriculture-specific human resource tools for supporting and managing employees. Agri Skills has online and in-person training programs while the Agri HR Tool Kit offers a resource guide and templates to address the HR needs of any business. There are also tools for agricultural organizations, including briefings on labour issues that apply new research to specific commodities and provinces and to explore the labour implications within their specific area.

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council is a national, non-profit organization focused on addressing HR issues facing agricultural businesses across Canada.

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