Passionate about livestock? AFAC needs you

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Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC) is seeking volunteers to help with the ALERT line. Volunteers need to be passionate about livestock welfare and knowledgeable about current practices of care.

AFAC is especially in need of volunteers with knowledge of any livestock species in northern Alberta and in remote locations, but welcomes volunteers from anywhere in the province.

The ALERT line is a confidential call line for anyone to report livestock care concerns and people experiencing problems in caring for their livestock. The organization has a veterinarian program; works with Alberta SPCA and RCMP; and informs members of the public that farmers do care for their animals.

For more information on the ALERT line policies and procedures along with finding the waiver form that volunteers will need to sign, click here to visit the AFAC website.

A 22-minute training video that will help future volunteers get an idea of what to expect can be found here on YouTube.

For additional information, call the ALERT line at 1-800-506-2273 or email Kristen Hall at [email protected].

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