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Peace Area To Receive Drought Assistance

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Relief is on the way for livestock producers facing severe feed shortages in Alberta’s Peace Region, announced last week by the federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Alberta Agriculture Minister Jack Hayden.

“The continued dry conditions that Peace Region producers have had to deal with this year have impacted the quality and quantity of feed and the livestock industry in the area. This has resulted in many producers having to deal with the added expense of bringing in feed or moving their animals to other pastures,” Hayden said in a release.

The 2010 Canada-Alberta Feed Transportation Assistance Initiative will provide emergency assistance to affected producers to cover a portion of the extraordinary costs of transporting forage and feed to their breeding herds, or alternatively, to transport their breeding herds to areas with a more abundant feed supply.

Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) president Travis Toews said in a release that several years of drought and dry conditions throughout the Peace Region have made it extremely tough for livestock producers in the area.

“The cost of transporting feed to the cattle or the cattle to areas that have adequate feed supplies can be prohibitive even for the best-managed operations,” Toews said. “This emergency assistance will help to somewhat ease the cost pressures of feed shortages caused by drought.”

Producers who must incur the additional costs to transport feed to their livestock will be eligible to receive transportation assistance of up to $0.22 per tonne or up to $0.10 per head per loaded mile. Producers who must transport feed or breeding animals a distance up to 685 kilometres are eligible for a payment (with a minimum of 25 kilometres).

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