Reclamation Procedures

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“The following spring, on eroded soils it’s recommended to establish a forage crop rather than an annual crop. An alfalfa grass mixture works well as it provides nitrogen benefits. If establishing straight grass, some nitrogen application will be necessary. Establishing a permanent crop for at least five years, will help build up the organic matter, root material, root mass and root channels will be very beneficial in reclaiming an eroded soil.”

To reclaim an eroded soil, producers should consider:

deep tilling to reduce bulk density

soil testing to determine deficiencies

a heavy application of manure to further reduce bulk density, improve soil nutrient reserves, increase soil organic matter and reduce soil crusting

if sufficient manure is not readily available, consider applying high rates of phosphate fertilizer (100 lb./ac. of P2O5)

applying other nutrients as required, particularly nitrogen

establishing forage crop if possible to build soil organic matter and improve physical quality of the soil

For more information on management of eroded soils, contact the Alberta Ag-Info Centre toll free at 310-FARM (3276) or view “An Introduction to Wind Erosion Control” and “Erosion Control in Irrigated Crops: New Possibilities” on the AARD website.



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