Something for everyone at Farmfair International

Today's Farmfair isn't just cowboy hats and cattle sales

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Heading into its 41st year, Farmfair International is set to impress visitors once again with its unique blend of livestock sales, entertainment, and western hospitality.

“It’s one of the longest-running agricultural events in Alberta and in Western Canada,” said show manager David Fiddler. “When you combine the Canadian finals rodeo and Farmfair International, you’ve got a pretty significant agricultural event.”

As Alberta’s premier ranching show, the Edmonton-based Farmfair International boasts more than 300 exhibitors and in excess of 90,000 visitors each year — in no small part thanks to the new features that continue to be added to the show.

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“Over the years, we’ve added horse sales, equine events, entertainment features, and more competitive events, like the Team Roping Futurity, Barrel Racing Futurity, and the ever-popular Heritage Ranch rodeo,” said Fiddler.

While the livestock shows continue to be the major draw of Farmfair, exhibitors are now going for quality rather than quantity when showing their animals, he said.

“We’re seeing the same number of exhibitors bringing fewer head of cattle to town, but the quality has definitely improved.”

And the commercial livestock show grows in popularity every year.

border collie dog preparing to herd sheep.
A border collie prepares to herd sheep. photo: Supplied

“We’re going to have the purebred beef shows, but we’re also going to have a commercial cattle show and sale, where we have bred heifers that show and sell, and bulls that just show.”

The Livestock Innovation Showcase — an area dedicated to the latest technology available for producers — has also grown this year.

“We’ll have other species represented in that, not just beef cattle. We’ll have dairy and goats and sheep.”

With entertainment features, including the Canadian Finals Rodeo, rounding out the show, Farmfair International is a must-see for city folk and ranchers alike.

“If you’re in the business of agriculture, there’s lots to see and do,” said Fiddler. “It’s a great opportunity to come out and make your operation better.”

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