Stay safe on the roads this growing season

Stay safe on the roads this growing season
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An updated version of Safe Transportation of Farm Equipment is now available for free.

The booklet has information on road and transportation safety for farm equipment, including regulations and detailed instructions on signage and markings. There is also a new section on power line safety and high load moves.

It takes 36 seconds for a vehicle travelling 80 kilometres an hour to overtake one travelling at 70 kilometres an hour that is 100 metres ahead of it, the booklet says. But that drops to just 6.5 seconds if the vehicle being overtaken is a tractor travelling at 25 kilometres an hour.

“With slow-moving equipment, the reaction time is so small that quick decisions must be made to avoid a rear-end collision,” the publication states.

The 36-page booklet can be found at the Alberta Agriculture website or by emailing [email protected].

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