Test weight calculators available for grain

Test weight calculators available for grain

The Canadian Grain Commission is offering a new online tool “to help producers quickly and accurately determine the volume and test weight of their grain.” 

The test weight calculators make it easier to calculate the test weight in three commonly used units of measurement: kilograms per hectolitre (kg/ hl), pounds per Avery bushel (lbs./bu.-A), and pounds per Winchester bushel (lbs./bu.-W). A Canadian bushel is based on the Avery (imperial) bushel (36.37 l), which is slightly larger than the Winchester (U.S.) bushel (35.24 l). 

The tool can be found at grainscanada.gc.ca by clicking on the Test Weight Calculators link. 

There are also calculators to determine the volume of grain in bins, piles, and containers.

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