Three other takes on the Trans-Pacific trade talks

Pork, dairy, and grain producer groups also have strong views on what needs to happen in negotiations

Here’s what other Canadian commodity groups are saying about the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks.

“Last year, 1.1 million tonnes of pork and pork products, valued at over $3.7 billion, were exported to 92 different countries. Of this, approximately 80 per cent was sold to current TPP partners while another 15 per cent goes to countries we see as prime candidates to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It follows that Canada’s participation in the TPP is of critical interest to Canadian pork producers.” — Canadian Pork Council

“The original agreement, which included the United States, included a market access concession of 3.25 per cent of Canada’s dairy market. Dairy Farmers of Canada estimates that this represents a loss of up to $246 million a year, in perpetuity. Given the withdrawal of the United States from the agreement, Dairy Farmers of Canada considers that it will be imperative for the Canadian government to ensure that the original market access concessions on dairy and supply management be recalibrated to reflect the loss of the world’s largest economy from the deal.” — Dairy Farmers of Canada

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“The agreement’s partners encompass significant markets, such as Japan, that are key destinations for Canadian cereals and other agriculture exports. There is also the potential for new members to join and several countries have already expressed interest (including Indonesia, the world’s largest wheat importer). By improving the trade regime between these important partners, the TPP-11 will put Canadian exporters at the front of the line in supplying Asia-Pacific nations.” — Cereals Canada

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