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Vermilion ranch honoured

McGrath family’s detailed approach to stewardship 
also boosts the bottom line

Vermilion ranch honoured
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Round Rock Ranching is the 2014 recipient of The Environmental Stewardship Award (TESA).

The fifth-generation family farm near Vermilion is operated by Sean and Tanya McGrath and their three children in partnership with Sean’s parents, Fred and Anne McGrath.

The award, created by the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, recognizes producers who go above and beyond standard industry conservation practices and set positive examples for other cattle producers and the general public.

“The McGraths have demonstrated a thoughtful and strategic approach to stewardship that has resulted in significant benefits to the land as well as the operation’s bottom line,” said Bob Lowe, vice-chair of the association’s environment committee.

Sean McGrath gave a tip of the hat to the other nominees when his family was presented with the award at the CCA’s semi-annual meeting in Charlottetown last month.

“To be totally honest with you I’m going to steal a whole bunch of ideas and take them home,” he said.

Round Rock Ranching was selected for, among other things, implementing innovative techniques, such as offsite watering systems and boosting production on tame pasture stands with limited inputs. The ranch also employs bale grazing, portable wind fence, and numerous recycling efforts for twine, used oil containers, used oil, and old wire.

Located on the northern fringe of the Battle River Valley and adjacent escarpment, Round Rock Ranching consists of 2,000 acres of owned, leased and rented ground. Eighty per cent of the home ranch is native rangeland, with the goal being to graze year round. The ranch runs an Angus-based cow herd with calving in May/June and is currently breeding between 150 and 200 females.

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