Weather Station Network To Double In Three Years

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STAFF / Earth Networks, owner of the WeatherBug network and provider of equipment and data for the WeatherFarm program, says it plans to double its Canadian network over the next three years.

As the owner and operator of the largest weather network worldwide, Earth Networks is pleased to announce our plans to continue the WeatherFarm program and more than double the size of our network in Canada as part of our global expansion, Earth Networks vice-president Jim Anderson said in a release.

The company operates Canada s largest network of weather, lightning and climate-observation stations. In a release Nov. 16, Earth Networks said it currently has more than 850 stations in Western Canada, and plans to deploy another 1,000 across Canada in the next three years. It said it plans to expand throughout Eastern and Atlantic Canada and the Pacific Coast.

Earth Networks said it is also deploying additional lightning sensors in Canada, part of the world s largest network of more than 500 sensors. The information will be used to issue warnings of severe weather.

Real-time weather data is available at no cost to farmers through WeatherFarm (, which has more than 12,000 users. I addition to real-time temperature, wind speed data and forecasts at more than 850 stations, WeatherFarm also provides agronomic tools such as insect and disease forecasts.



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