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Website offers latest info on forage and beef research

Approximately 200 research papers have been added to over 
the past year

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The website contains the latest information on forage and beef research for producers in Canada and the northern United States.

“The site summarizes research for farmers and ranchers,” said Ken Ziegler, provincial beef and forage specialist. “It’s a unique approach to developing and organizing North American research information for the Canadian forage and beef cattle industry.”

As an example, extending the grazing season is a popular topic at this time of year, and has info in various folders on the subject.

“The grazing season can be extended in different ways at different times of the feeding season,” said Ziegler. “Either at the beginning of the season using well-established forage regrowth that is grazed into the Christmas season; during the winter months using swath grazing of annuals like barley, oats, or triticale; (or) by saving carry-over forage over from the previous summer as fine youthful regrowth that the nursing cows or backgrounded yearlings can use as soon as the snow has melted off.”

The website also has folders on other strategies such as using brassicas or using corn, he said. is updated regularly as fact sheets and research papers are added to the folders on the website. Approximately 200 research papers have been added over the past year.

“The site is a living library for research and extension information that is useful to Canadian beef and forage producers,” Ziegler said.

The website provides three levels of information.

The top level is “cut to the core” information on a particular topic. Called “Knowledge Nuggets,” this level provides the most important pieces of understanding on that topic. The next level is for the reader who wants more information about that topic. Links are provided to the best related information, usually in fact sheet format. The objective is to select the most comprehensive and applicable information for Canadian and northern U.S. agriculture. The third level is for people who want research-related information. This level focuses on relevant scientific review papers, research abstracts, research papers, major publications and links to research communities throughout Canada and the world.

The site features in-depth information on forage production, silage management, forage seed production, beef cow-calf management, animal health issues, grazing management, and range management in addition to many other topics.

“This is a living website and news items, research results and summaries will continually be added to the site,” added Ziegler. “With these knowledge summaries, fact sheets, and research reviews, is the gateway to the future for forage and beef information for the forage and cow-calf industry.”

For more information, or to offer potential fact sheets or research papers for the site, contact Ken Ziegler by email or call 403-742-7901.

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