What’s That Eating My Vegetables?

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If you’re not sure if that critter eating your vegetables is a corn earworm or a beet webworm, a new guide from Bayer Crop-Science may help.

Bayer is offering the booklet A Field Guide to Vegetable Insects at no charge. It identifies the most common pests of vegetable crops across Canada.

The booklet contains fullcolour photos of 39 insect pests, as well as keys for identification, crops affected and management notes.

“Accurate identification of insect pests can be a difficult task – but one that’s critical for making pest management decisions,” David Kikkert of Bayer said in a release. “Growers now have a dedi -cated resource to help them correctly identify vegetable pests, and make sound crop protection decisions.”

Content and photos for the new guide was provided by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, B. C. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Government of Manitoba, Government of Prince Edward Island, The Ohio State University, Colorado State University and the University of Minnesota.

The guide can be ordered online BayerCropScience.ca/VegInsectGuideor by calling 1 888-283-6847.

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