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LETTERS – for Dec. 5, 2011

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Trapping Not The Answer

Iam totally disgusted with your cover article on trappers (Nov. 7). This practice should have gone the way of the caveman a long time ago. Any person who gets a thrill out of injuring an animal and creates suffering of any sort should be charged. This is a despicable practice and definitely should not be demonstrated to anyone.

If a person has too many coyotes in a particular area then quickly shooting them is far more humane. Try live traps and relocating. How about showing them that? By the way make sure to tell them that they should not be shooting or trapping them when they have young in the den so that the young can starve to death.

I m just sick of people and their heathen attitudes towards everything else on the planet besides themselves! Believe it or not other species live here, and no one has the right to kill everything that gets in their way. Let s try to raise the intelligence level and move into the 21st century.

Debbie Stamp Bluffton



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