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Letters To The Editor – for Feb. 1, 2010

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We rural folk want our parcels

Courier companies like UPS, Purolator and DHL do not deliver in rural areas. If they can get you by phone they will ask where they can leave the parcel for you to pick up, usually a relative in a town. Sometimes they might deliver to their agent/drop-off in a town (often just a back room in a business such as a flower shop) or sometimes anywhere at all. Then we are expected to put cash in an envelope for the driver to pick up or he won’t leave the parcel. If they do not have your phone number and you don’t intercede by emailing them or phoning them, your parcel could be deemed undeliverable or abandoned, and we will never get our parcel.

We rural folk are fed up with this inadequate service. We are not second-class Canadians .

If the address on the parcel is a mailing address; i. e. a rural route number or post office, and since they don’t deliver in the rural areas, they should not have our parcel. They should be required to turn it over to the one agency that does deliver in rural areas – the post office,

If they are not going to deliver in rural areas then they should be required to have a depot every 30-40 miles.

We should never have our parcel left somewhere such as a back room at a business, and we should never be required to put cash in an envelope and leave it at that location for the driver to pick up to cover their fees.

It’s time that our governments laid down the law to these courier companies.

It’s time to write your MP, your MLA, the premier, the prime minister. If we get enough people doing this then maybe they will take this issue seriously and do something about it.

Daryl Watson RR1 Bowden, Alberta



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