Luing cattle on the rise

I would like to respond to comments made about Luing cattle in the article “All cattle are not all black yet” in the Feb. 4 edition. I’m not sure where Mr. Fee gained his impression that our breed had disappeared prior to him noticing “some registrations in 2010-11.” Our herd book contains registrations of Luing cattle born in every year since 1975 when the first offspring of imported Scottish cattle were born.

As the purpose of the article was to examine breed numbers over the last decade I should add that Luing registrations have shown a healthy increase in that time period, with approximately twice the annual registrations compared to the decade earlier. Tough conditions in the beef sector have been good for the Luing as their feed efficiency, maternal strength and meat quality has been recognized by a growing number of commercial cattle producers.

Iain Aitken


Canadian Luing Cattle Association



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